Adjusting the Pace of Foundations Lessons

We recently received the following question from a parent using Logic of English®️ Foundations with her son.

Do you have any advice for how to slow things down? Details: my 5.5 year old zipped through Foundations A because he already knew his single letter phonograms from playing with your apps for the past 2 years [my elder son did Essentials, and I'd downloaded the apps then]. Now that we're starting Foundations B, he's complaining that the new phonograms are coming too quickly, especially combined with learning new handwriting [capitals] as well.

I'm not sure the best way to stretch it out to make it less overwhelming for him. We only do about 3 lessons a week, but we tend to do each lesson on a single day because I'm not sure how to best split them up [strict work for X amount of time, or do parts X&Y parts on day 1, and parts W&Z on day 2, etc.]...

This is a great question. Thanks for asking!

Go ahead and set a time limit each day. Set a timer. When it rings, you are done. I would then modify the lessons by beginning every day with a favorite phonogram game to review previously learned phonograms. Having engaging, playful, and frequent practice with the material he has learned will help a lot in developing mastery and keeping it from getting overwhelming.

I would also play a high-frequncy word game at the start of every lesson or review 2-3 spelling words using phonogram tiles, a salt box, or other texture writing. If desired, you can also add in a handwriting review game at the beginning of each lesson.

Then continue with the lesson, stopping when the timer beeps. Continue the next day. This will provide additional practice, ensure mastery, and slow down the pace. I would not set a goal for how many days it takes to complete a lesson at this age. Rather, I would teach to the student's pace.

Let us know how it goes!

- Denise