Consonant Blends

List of Consonant Blends

bl cl fl gl pl sl br cr dr fr gr pr tr sk sl sm sn sp st sw tw

Many students struggle with consonant blends when learning how to read.

Help students to learn how to blend by playing auditory blending games.

Blending Game 1

Provide the student with a ball. Set up a basket. Tell the student that you will say two sounds. She should then blend them together. When she says the blend, she may shoot a basket.

Blending Game 2

With young students, tell them you wil say two sounds. They should blend them together and march around the room saying the blended sound.

Blending Game 3

Choose a family of blends. In other words all the blends that include an L. Write an L on an index card. Then write all the letters that can be blended with L. Ask the student to choose an inital sound and blend it to L. Continue through all the options.