Our Dream to Teach All Students How to Read

Unless something changes:
Of the nation's 57.5 million K-12 students, 12.65 million will be functionally illiterate as adults. 27.6 million of these students will not be proficient in basic literacy skills.

What will it take to change the direction of reading and spelling education in the United States today? The National Reading Panel has already shown that systematic phonics is the most effective way to teach decoding. The National Reading Panel has also identified that most teachers have had inadequate phonics training.

In 150 pages, Uncovering the Logic of English explains how letters are arranged to form words in English. Uncovering the Logic of English demonstrates the need and provides teacher's with answers to questions their students are asking everyday. I believe this book can play an integral role in changing how we think about English and learning to read and write.

But what will it take?

At the time of this article (2010) there are 13,924 public school districts in the U.S.
*see note at bottom

3,178,000 public school teachers

456,000 private school teachers

146,000 Catholic school teachers

For a total of 3,780,000 teachers

We have a dream of reaching 5% of teachers this year. This means distributing over 189,000 copies. We cannot do this alone. Will you consider giving a teacher you know a copy of Uncovering the Logic of English?

Reaching teachers, though, is only part of the solution. The best education occurs when teachers and parents partner together. If a student has a question about a basic subject, it is ideal when parents can provide answers and reinforcement of what is being taught in schools. Parents need to be involved. Yet, almost every parent I have met feels frustrated when listening to an emerging reader. They do not have answers to the simple questions such as, "Why is there a silent final E in large? Why does the A say its long sound in paper but not in pack?" Uncovering the Logic of English provides answers.

In the United States there are 55,203,000 K-12 grade students

With the U.S. birth rate at 2.03, these students represent approximately 27,601,500 families.

If we wanted to reach 5% of parents we will need to distribute more than 1.38 million copies to parents.

If you have read Uncovering the Logic of English and it made sense to you, join us in spreading the message. Buy extra copies today to distribute to parents, teachers, administrators, and legislators.

* numbers taken from a Center for Education Reform post. 2016 k-12-facts can be found at this link.