Ideas and Games For Practicing Handwriting

Fun Games and Other Ideas for Practicing Handwriting

Letter Dictation

Provide students with a whiteboard, chalkboard, sensory box, or paper. Say the sounds of one of the letters. Direct the students to write the letter.

Blind Writing

Direct the students to close their eyes and write the letter five to ten times without looking. Without visual cues, the students must rely on muscle memory. Instruct the students to open their eyes and choose the letter which is written the most legibly.

Speed Writing

Set a timer for twenty seconds. Direct students to write the letter as many times as possible before the timer beeps. Instruct the students to choose the letter that is written most legibly.

Sandpaper Letters

Sandpaper letters provide a high-sensory experience for practicing writing. Students may practice reading and writing each of the letters that have already been learned. The Logic of English Sandpaper Letters are available at

Treasure Hunt

Write a letter on an index card or use the Sandpaper Letters. Hide the letters that students know around the room. Direct students to find the letters and bring them back to you. When they find a letter they must read the sounds and demonstrate how to write it on a whiteboard or chalkboard or using the sandpaper letter.

Letter Stations

Set up stations of whiteboards, chalkboards, or other sensory boxes around the room. Students will rotate between the stations. Call out the sound(s) of a letter. The students must write the letter at their station. Every two to three letters rotate to the next station.

Sky Writing

Call out the sound(s) of a letter. Direct students to write it in the air using their arm and pointer finger.

Simon Says

Appoint one student to be "Simon." Provide the student with a set of flashcards containing all the letters that have been learned. "Simon" draws a card and reads the sounds. The other students must write the letter on a small whiteboard.

Foot Writing

Direct students to lay on their backs on the floor. Call out the sound(s) made by one of the letters. Direct students to form the letter in the air using their leg.

Writing Game

Direct two students to sit back to back. Each person will need a small white board. The first person writes a letter on the white board, then tells the other person the directions for writing the letter. (This may be as simple as the rhythmic, bold directions.) The other person then writes the letter. If both people have written the same letter they get one point.