Introducing new Essentials Sets

Announcing our new Essentials sets! We are reconfiguring our Essentials curriculum into smaller and more flexible bundles, available now!

The 30 lessons of the curriculum are divided into four smaller sets, with new smaller Teacher's Guides for the same overall price for the whole program!

Same lessons, same contents, new sets!

The Essentials lessons themselves have not changed. However, we are now publishing the first fifteen lessons in two separate books, the Essentials 1-7 Teacher's Guide and the Essentials 8-15 Teacher's Guide. Now that the lessons are divided into smaller groups in order to make the Teacher's Guides a more manageable size, we are selling four separate Essentials sets. Choose your own pace and choose how much you want to buy at once!

Why the change?

When Denise set about revising and expanding our original Essentials curriculum back in 2014, adding multiple levels of spelling lists and adding new concepts, it soon became clear that the second edition would be too big to fit in one book. In late 2015 we published the first half of the lessons, 1-15, as Essentials 2nd Edition, Volume 1.

The Volume 1 Teacher's Guide was a huge book. As we completed Lessons 16-30, which we had originally planned to publish as Volume 2, it became clear that they would be even longer. In addition, while we originally envisioned a semester per volume as a typical pace through Essentials, we found that many people preferred to move more slowly, spending a whole year on the first half. We realized that if the lessons were grouped into smaller books, people would have more flexibility in pacing, purchasing however much they wanted to teach in a given semester or year.

So the second half of Essentials went to the press last fall as two books: Essentials 16-22 and Essentials 23-30. Initially we sold a bundle with these fifteen lessons together as a "Volume 2 Set." Meanwhile, we began preparations to split the first half into two smaller books, Essentials 1-7 and Essentials 8-15.

Now the new 1-7 and 8-15 Teacher's Guides are here! They are a lovely size, luggable and manageable, about 350 pages each. Our new packages are reconfigured to match the divisions in the printed books and allow you to purchase as much or as little as you want at once!

Are they compatible with the books I have?

These books are completely compatible with any Essentials 2nd Edition books. You can use the Volume 1 Teacher's Guide (Lessons 1-15) with the new 1-7 and 8-15 Workbooks, and you can use the new 1-7 and 8-15 Teacher's Guides with the older Volume 1 Workbooks. The new 1-7 and 8-15 materials are technically "3rd edition," since they represent a change from the previous printing, but the lesson contents are the same. They are simply divided into smaller groups of lessons.

These books are not compatible with the original edition of Essentials (2012). The 2nd edition of Essentials from 2015 is also not compatible with the 1st edition. The change from the first to the second edition was a major reworking of the entire curriculum, so the different workbooks and teacher's manuals are not compatible. The new shift to the four smaller books, on the other hand, is a change in the packaging of the same content.

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