I can read that! Controlled reader correlations between Foundations and Essentials

Do you have a 6- to 8-year-old in Essentials or a 7- to 9-year-old in Foundations? Are you looking for additional phonogram-controlled texts for reading practice?

We have recently mapped out the correlations between the content taught in the Essentials lessons and the content of the Foundations readers, and vice-versa.

Who will this help?

This won’t be relevant to everyone. The readers are written to serve students at different developmental stages and in many cases won’t be an appropriate fit for students in the other curriculum. The content, tone, and vocabulary of the Foundations readers are suited to students ages 4 to 7 or 8, while the Essentials readers are designed to provide older struggling readers with age-appropriate reading material that they can enjoy instead of “babyish” early children’s readers.

However, we know that some of you, for a variety of reasons, are using Foundations with slightly older kids or Essentials with younger ones. If that’s your situation, and you’d like more phonogram-controlled readers - ones that don’t rely on memorizing any sight words or exceptions - this information is for you!

What are the readers?

Our new student readers for Essentials, written by Kimber Iverson, are matched with Essentials lessons and include only the phonograms and spelling rules that have been taught up to that point, providing students with an opportunity to practice and succeed rather than guessing or relying on sight words. They offer a delightfully rich variety of playful poetry, fictional stories, and nonfiction articles on scientific and historical topics appropriate for ages 8 to adult. The Foundations readers are also controlled for concepts that have been taught, and they include both fiction and non-fiction texts, but with topics and vocabulary that are suitable for young students. See the lists below to see how the readers correlate with the two curricula.

A note about Essentials

Many students will not need a phonogram-controlled reader with Essentials because they are reading fairly comfortably already and are focusing more on spelling and vocabulary. The optional Essentials reader is designed to provide older struggling readers with engaging texts that have been controlled for the linguistic concepts they have already been taught, ensuring success and building student confidence.

Lesson and Reader Correlation - Logic of English® Foundations and Essentials

Foundations students
Essentials 2nd edition students
Essentials 1st edition students