New readers for Foundations B - the Young Artist Series!

We're excited to announce the Young Artist Series, a new collection of readers for Foundations B — featuring wonderful illustrations by young artists in our community!

** UPDATED Nov. 19, 2018: All eight readers are now available as a set, in paperback and PDF! **

Each story, by author Kimber Iverson, provides additional options for reading practice for Foundations B students and is completely decodable using tools that have been introduced up through a specific point in the lessons. Students can sound out every word successfully — no memorizing sight words or guessing from pictures!

Books in this set:

Artist and art teacher Jill Pearson, who guided the students through developing their illustrations, tells more about the project...

Working with the Young Artist Series Illustrators

Jill Pearson
Owner and instructor, Riverwood Studio
Illustrator, Miles and Jax and Miles and Jax: Master Planners
Singer and Songwriter, Doodling Dragons ABC Songs

I own an art studio in my home and instruct about 70 homeschool students each week during the school year, and offer summer art camps and adult watercolor classes. Denise Eide, a fellow business owner, homeschool mom, and friend, approached me with the idea of my art students illustrating a series of books for LOE. I loved the idea and said YES, even though I didn’t know much about illustrating or teaching kids how to illustrate.

I brought the idea to my middle and high school homeschool art students, and they were all curious to know more. We took a field trip to the library to investigate children’s book illustrations and they each chose one of the Logic of English stories to try. We spent a few weeks discussing ideas and practicing illustration drawing during class, but after that, the students worked on their own while I mentored them.

Over time, most of them lost interest in finishing, realizing it’s a difficult and time-consuming process. But several of them completed their books and had them accepted for publication by Logic of English. I then reached out to two other young artists in the homeschool community to ask if they would be interested in joining the project. They said yes!

The process looked like this: A student would choose a story they liked and create a three-page sampler to see if they could draw the characters in different scenes and positions. It’s challenging to make a character look the same from page to page. They used a media they were comfortable with: watercolor, colored pencil, illustration markers, and even digital art. I was delighted with the variety of styles they achieved. Once they completed the three pages, I would forward them to the team at LOE for approval to proceed. All of the kids were encouraged to proceed, though some needed to tweak their drawings more than others.

It was a very gratifying experience to mentor these kids through a huge project and see them be paid and published! Most of them spent between four and nine months completing their book.

In the middle of this process, Logic of English also offered me a contract to illustrate the Miles and Jax books. I found it immensely helpful to go through the same process the students were going through, though at a much more intense level. The students created eight to twelve illustrations for their books. I created over 100 in a six month period.

Working with the LOE team and a group of talented young artists was a joy, and I love imagining young readers from around the world picking up our stories and enjoying illustrations created by kids just a little older than they are! The stories are simple and sweet and lend themselves well to young illustrators. Now that several of my students and I have been published, the experience has whet our appetite to keep drawing and improving our skills and maybe someday to illustrate more books. I'd like to thank LOE for this wonderful opportunity!

About the Author: Kimber Iverson

Kimber Iverson has taught English learners of all ages in six countries around the world. She currently teaches struggling readers at an international school in Ethiopia, where she lives with her husband and three children.

One of the Young Artist Series readers, Ben Has a Fright, was co-authored by Kimber and her daughter, Amani Iverson!

Also by Kimber Iverson:

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