Photo Album: Celebrating the Arrival of Essentials 16-22

The Logic of English team is celebrating: Essentials 16-22 is here!

The hard copies of the 16-22 Teacher's Guides, Workbooks, and Morpheme Cards have all arrived at our warehouse, and the first pre-ordered copies are packed to ship out. We also sent 23-30 files to the printers this week.

We are so excited to have these books in our hands at last, and to share them with you. A huge thank you to our wonderful printers, Corporate Graphics (Mankato, MN), Johnson Printing (Rochester, MN), and Bang Printing (Brainerd, MN). They did a beautiful job on these products, and they turned them around so quickly for us!

Monday, January 30: Teacher's Guides!
Thursday, February 1: Workbooks!
The whole 16-22 set is here and we're ready to ship!


Essentials is a complete course in the structure of written English words for ages 8 to adult. It integrates reading skills, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. The expanded second edition, which includes three levels of application in each lesson, is printed in several parts: Lessons 1-15 (published in 2015) and Lessons 16-30 (2018). Learn more.

About Logic of English

The phonograms and spelling rules that explain the spelling of 98% of English words are taught in Logic of English curriculum and in Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Approach to Reading, Spelling, and Literacy.