COVID-19 RESPONSE: Shipping Delays - Backorders - Customer Service

Update 9-28-2020

We have made it through the summer surge, and are now solidly into the fall teaching season!

All products are in stock! And orders are shipping within 2-3 business days from our warehouse!

Update 8-10-2020

COVID-19 has resulted in a surge of families ordering curriculum. Thank you to everyone for choosing Logic of English! We are so proud of our warehouse team who is shipping record volumes. As of 8/12/2020, orders that do NOT include a backorder are currently leaving our warehouse well within our published 4-10 business days.


Due to an unforeseen surge, for the first time in our history, we have back-ordered products. We have strong relationships with our printers, and we are working closely with them to get the books you need in stock. We are updating our backorder page with the latest information.

Free Resources to Get Started!

If your item is back-ordered, you may consider taking advantage of our free resources and samples on our eLearning platform to help you get started while you wait.

Carrier Shipping Delays

COVID-19 has also resulted in delays for USPS, FedEx, XPO and other carriers. If you have received a notification that your order has shipped, but you have not received your order, please contact the carrier for more information.




Customer Service

As you might imagine, our customer service team has been answering a record number of calls and emails!

Many thanks to everyone for understanding! We appreciate your patience and support as we join you in making reading accessible to all students!


The Logic of English Team

Update 7-28-2020

Looking for updates to your back-ordered items?

Logic of English is experiencing an influx of orders due to the impacts of COVID on education. We are committed to being transparent with our customers about back-ordered products and the timing of their arrival. We are in regular communication with our printers and will provide regular updates on our Backorder Status page. Thank you for your support!

Update 4-16-2020

Shipping Has Resumed!

Orders placed between March 27th and April 14th have all shipped! Our Shipping Team is diligently working to get orders out the door, and will be caught up by the end of the week! We cannot reiterate how appreciative we are for our customers and the amount of gratitude you have shown us the past two weeks as we followed Minnesota’s Stay at Home order. Our Shipping Team will continue to practice social distancing as the rest of our team continues to work remotely.

Letter from Denise

In the past five weeks, the priorities at Logic of English have changed dramatically. We wanted to find a way to support parents and teachers in this new season. This led to a multiple-step plan to create online content.

Step one: record and publish all the phonogram instruction and spelling analysis for Foundations A-D and Essentials (Levels A-B). Our main goal in publishing these for free during this time is to support parents and schools who already use Logic of English by providing video support. Also it is possible to learn to read and to spell with only these videos. By providing these for free, we hope that students who do not use our curriculum will have a chance to learn the power of systematic instruction. We are happy to report we have completed step one for Foundations A-D and Essentials 1-22. We will begin recording Essentials 23-30 next.

Step two: publish paid online courses for Foundations and Essentials which include PDF versions of the Teacher’s Manuals, Student Workbooks, Core Materials, and Readers as well as the video lessons from step one. These courses will provide parents with an affordable option to instruct their students at home. We are proud to report that we have released Foundations A-D and Essentials 1-15 and will be releasing Essentials 16-22 next week.

Step three: add video instruction for all the remaining parts of the lessons in Foundations and Essentials Online paid courses. We are also adding interactive online practice for these courses. Foundations A and B currently have phonogram matching practice and a few activities to read the word and match it to the correct picture. Watch for more coming soon! Both the video and interactive content will be dripped into the paid courses as it is created. If you purchase the online course, you will have access to all new content as it becomes available. We will also be creating Rhythm of Handwriting courses which include video instruction as well as PDF tactile cards and workbooks. We do not have a time estimate to complete step three. However, we will be beginning with Foundations A and with Essentials 1-7.

Step four: add additional assessments to help teachers and parents track student progress in the online course. We do not currently have a timeframe for this material. However, the assessments that are included in the Teacher’s Manuals and Student Workbooks are included in the online course in PDF form.

We welcome your input as you use the content! I am so amazed and proud of what the Logic of English team has accomplished in the past five weeks. It is hard to believe that six weeks ago, this was not even part of the plan for 2020!

Denise Eide

Progress from our Remote Team!

Video Supplements through June 2021

Free Foundations Video Supplements:

Our Foundations curriculum consists of four sequential levels that allow you to adjust the schedule and pace to meet the needs of your students. This series includes supplemental video instruction for introducing new phonograms, phonogram flash card practice, and spelling analysis lists for each lesson. Designed for ages 4-7, but ideal for any beginning to early reader!
Foundations A Video Supplement
Foundations B Video Supplement
Foundations C Video Supplement
Foundations D Video Supplement

Free Essentials Video Supplements

Essentials is an affordable one-of-a-kind language arts program designed with three levels in one to help teachers differentiate instruction for students with varying levels of skill or prior knowledge. This series includes supplemental instruction for introducing new phonograms, phonogram flash card practice, and spelling analysis for two learning levels: Level A (beginners) and Level B (intermediate).
Essentials 1-7 Video Supplement
Essentials 8-15 Video Supplement
Essentials 16-22 Video Supplement
Essentials 23-30 Video Supplement

Extra Fun

LOE Literacy Games - New videos every week!
Explore English Spelling Rules via Facebook Live every day at 2pm!

Complete Lessons Online

Foundations Online

Foundations is going online! These parent-directed online courses include digital copies of the Teacher’s Manuals, Student Workbooks, Readers, and Core Materials. Interspersed in each lesson are videos to support teaching phonograms and spelling analysis and new interactive activities to support student learning. Additional videos and interactive activities will be added throughout the coming months. Users will have access to all new content as it becomes available! Designed for ages 4-7, but ideal for any beginning or early reader!
Foundations A Online
Foundations B Online
Foundations C Online
Foundations D Online

Essentials Online

Essentials is going online! These online-courses include digital copies of the Teacher’s Guides, Student Workbooks, Essentials Reader, and Core Materials. Interspersed in each lesson are videos to support teaching phonograms and spelling analysis and new interactive activities to support student learning. Additional videos and interactive activities will be added throughout the coming months. Users will have access to all new content as it becomes available! Designed for ages 8 to adult and ideal for any learning level. Units 23-30 coming soon!
Essentials 1-7 Online
Essentials 8-15 Online
Essentials 16-22 Online

Rhythm of Handwriting Online

Rhythm of Handwriting is now also available online! The innovative Rhythm of Handwriting curriculum uses a multi-sensory approach that helps students develop fluid, legible handwriting. These courses include digital copies of everything needed to teach lowercase letters, uppercase letters, as well as all of the strokes! Additional content and interactive activities will be added throughout the coming months. Perfect for students of all ages!
Rhythm of Handwriting Online - Cursive
Rhythm of Handwriting Online - Manuscript

How to Teach Reading

Are you interested in learning more about the Five Essential Skills of Reading which our curriculum fully integrates? Discover how Phonemic Awareness, Systematic Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension are intertwined.

Conference Updates

Most of the homeschool conventions we were scheduled to attend this year have been canceled or rescheduled for next year. If you were planning to attend one of these events, check out how you can still receive the conference special for free economy shipping. This special code, along with new ways to connect with LOE and learn about LOE curriculum can be found here! 2020 Conference Updates

Join Us Live:

Discover the power of the Logic of English! Join us every day at 2pm central as we Explore English Spelling Rules! Learn a new spelling rule each day and see how it applies to English words!

Update 4-3-2020

Letter from Denise Eide

In three short weeks, the world has changed immensely around us. These changes have also brought a huge shift to our work at Logic of English.

We are thankful to announce that as a book publisher, per Minnesota’s guidelines, Logic of English is classified as an essential business. This means that we will resume shipping the week of April 13th. We will be using the next week to continue operational planning for our warehouse and inventory team, and ensure that we have all of the strongest health safeguards in place.

In addition to the LOE team learning to work remotely, converting spaces in our homes into offices, and adjusting to team meetings with Google Hangouts, we have completely shifted our priorities for 2020. In three short weeks, I have videoed Phonogram Instruction and Spelling Analysis for Foundations A, B, C, half of D, and Essentials 1-15. We have put together free courses with these videos, and we have laid the framework to move our curriculum sets online. What continues to amaze me is that at the beginning of March, none of this was on our agenda for the year. Yet here we are!

Today, I am happy to announce the first of our paid courses going live: Foundations A Online, Foundations B Online, and Foundations C Online. This is truly a huge feat!

I am so proud of our small team of eleven! In addition to these new projects, our operations team shipped a record number of orders last week, and has been quick to research and adapt to new safety standards. Our leadership team has also been meeting daily to form our priorities and guide us through the storm. I am so thankful for the hard work and dedication of each person.

Finally, we are thankful for you, the Logic of English community. Your letters of thanks, kindness, wishes of wellbeing, photos of your students learning with Logic of English, and your testimonies have been a deep encouragement to us. I have some of your messages printed off and hanging in my home office. They strengthen me when the days feel long. Thank you!

We are stronger together! Together we will get through this!

Soli Deo Gloria,


Update 3-26-2020

Dear Logic of English Teachers and Parents,

Protecting the well-being of our team, customers, and community is our highest priority right now. In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has announced the temporary closure of non-essential businesses in our state through Friday, April 10th, 2020. Logic of English will operate in compliance with this business restriction.

In order to comply with these new restrictions, we have suspended shipping of orders for all printed products. Printed product orders received after 1200PM (CST) THURSDAY, MARCH 26 will be shipped after the restriction has been lifted. All orders will be fulfilled and processed in the order that they are received.

Fulfillment of PDF and digital products is NOT affected by this restriction and will continue to be processed and fulfilled 7 days/week.

In addition, we will be unable to process printed product returns during this time. Printed product return requests will be processed after the restriction has been lifted and after our shipping operation is back up and running.

We want to remind you that our full customer service team is working remotely and is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm (CST) and our webstore is available 24/7 for placing orders.

During the past couple of weeks we have received countless notes of support, inspiration, and encouragement from many of you. Thank you for your incredible support and patience as we navigate through these times together.


Denise, Paul, Dillon
The Logic of English Executive Management Team