20 Ways to Help Reverse the Literacy Crisis

1. Talk to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family about what you are learning. "English is logical."

2. Tell your local media about The Logic of English. Suggest your local media requests a free review copy.
3. Arrange for Denise Eide to speak at a teacher's inservice, community event, PTA meeting, homeschool group, etc.
4. Write a letter to the editor, or an op-ed piece. When you see articles about education in your local media, contact them about how you see Uncovering the Logic of English providing answers.
5. Write reviews on blogs, bookstore websites, and share what you have learned.
6. Share the idea that English is logical on Facebook, Twitter, and social media. Get the message out that there is a solution to our literacy and education crisis.
7. Buy extra copies for teachers, administrators, parents, and family members.
8. Volunteer at your local schools and libraries to help struggling children.
9. Volunteer at a literacy center.
10. Sit down with a child who is struggling with reading and answer her questions about why have ends in a silent E and why it doesn't use the long vowel sound.
11. Teach a group of children the nine reasons for a silent final E.
12. Tell your co-workers, friends, or family members who struggle with spelling about a rule that you learned that was helpful.
13. If you are a teacher, take time to explain what is occurring in words to your students. Explain how the rules apply, how the roots are keys to meaning, etc.
14. Provide a copy of Uncovering the Logic of English to local universities, reading methods teachers, and teacher trainers.
15. Help your children study for a spelling test. Explain the phonograms and rules used in the words.
16. Practice the phonograms as a family.
17. Play scrabble and think about the words in terms of phonograms and spelling rules.
18. Seek further training in systematic phonics.
19. Sponsor a teacher to attend training in systematic phonics.
20. Begin a reading center at a church, synagogue, mosque, or community center.