Revolutionizing the Word Wall

Rather than organizing your word wall alphabetically, how about organizing it by sound?

For example:

By creating a giant Spelling Journal on the wall, students will now have a visual reference for tricky-to-spell words and the multiple ways they've learned to spell a sound. Keep a stack of index cards available and add new words to the wall as students encounter them in their spelling lists and reading.

We've created a free template you can use to get started, with a list of the sounds spelled in multiple ways and the possible spellings for each sound. Download it today!

Free Word Wall Template - by Sound

Another great idea is to organize word walls by phonogram and spelling rule. As students learn new linguistic concepts, add them to the wall. With the phonograms, be sure to leave a space for each of the sounds the phonogram makes. Then ask students to find examples of the phonogram or rule in their spelling lists, reading texts, and high-frequency word games. Add new words to the wall as students encounter them to create a living word study.

Download the free template!

Free Word Wall Template - by Phonogram and Spelling Rule

If you have limited wall space, choose to highlight sounds and phonograms that are currently being taught. Remove sounds and phonograms as the students master them and add new concepts as they are introduced.

To learn more about the phonograms and spelling rules that logically explain 98% of English words or explore our reading and spelling curriculum, visit our website. To see other free resources for teaching reading and spelling, visit our Resources page.