Suggested Schedules for Teaching Handwriting

Students Six and Under

The students six and under may learn one new phonogram per day. The first 26-30 lessons should be dedicated to learning the A-Z phonograms. Each lesson should include: introduction to a new phonogram, practice hearing the sounds and recognizing the correct phonogram, practice reading the phonograms, and practice writing the phonograms. Drill should include games and age-appropriate review activities. Logic of English, Inc. publishes the Logic of English Game Book which may be used to enhance review. Once the students have learned A-Z, they are ready to begin combining A-Z into short words and to learn the multi-letter phonograms.

Older Students

Older students who are familiar with the single-letter phonograms, their sounds, and how to write them may spend as little as fifteen minutes reviewing the sounds and letter formation before beginning to learn multi-letter phonograms and/or beginning curriculum at their level.

Older students who are not familiar with the sounds and/or cursive may use the following schedule:

Day 1 - Learn Swing Letters.
Day 2 - Learn Curve Letters and review Swing Letters.
Day 3 - Learn Loop Letters, review Curve Letters and Swing Letters.
Day 4 - Learn Bump Letters and review all others.