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Details about the Logic of English online courses

Response to COVID-19: Free resources for at-home learning, conference updates, and more

COVID-19 response from Logic of English

What is the difference between a loan word and an English word with foreign roots?

Logic of English Spelling Rules 3, 7, and 16 include the phrase "English words." People sometimes wonder, as they first learn these spelling rules: How we are categorizing a word as English or foreign?

What should I assign for Logic of English homework in my class?

Teachers using Logic of English in a classroom often wonder what their students should practice at home, especially if parents are not familiar with the phonograms and spelling rules or are used to receiving a list of words to drill or an assigned amount of time that children are required...

Second graders using Essentials - Support activities for struggling readers

New resource for supporting struggling readers! Download a table of extra support activities for young Essentials students who are beginning readers. The concepts introduced in these activities provide students the additional tools they need to read dozens of Foundations readers earlier than they would otherwise be able to, and the...

Introducing new Essentials Sets

Announcing our new Essentials sets! We are reconfiguring our Essentials curriculum into smaller and more flexible bundles, available now! The 30 lessons of the curriculum are divided into four smaller sets, with new smaller Teacher's Guides for the same overall price for the whole program!

Updated LOE Grammar Flash Cards!

Introducing: Revised, updated, and clarified Grammar Flash Cards!

Updating Spelling Rule 7: Where I and Y may say long /e/

While working on Essentials in the past year, the Logic of English team started re-examining Spelling Rule 7, which explains where the phonograms I and Y can say the sound /ē/. We found there were some ways we could make this rule more precise and more accurate.

Photo Album: Celebrating the Arrival of Essentials 16-22

The Logic of English team is celebrating: Essentials 16-22 is here! The hard copies of the 16-22 Teacher's Guides, Workbooks, and Morpheme Cards have all arrived at our warehouse, and the first pre-ordered copies are packed to ship out. We also sent 23-30 files to the printers this week.

Introducing the Phonogram ES

As we release the second half of Essentials, Logic of English is introducing a new basic phonogram! Learn all about it, and download a free lesson.

In Honor Of National Chocolate Day - A Free Lesson From The Essentials Reader!

This Saturday, October 28, is National Chocolate Day! In honor of this sweet occasion, we would like to share a special treat with you: a free PDF copy of Lesson 17: The Story of Chocolate from The Essentials Reader.

What's the Difference Between Foundations and Essentials?

How do I know if Logic of English Foundations or Essentials is the right starting point for my student?

Progress Monitoring Checklists For Logic of English Lessons

Tools to help you track students' progress and provide appropriate review These progress monitoring checklists, for the review assessments in LOE Foundations and Essentials lessons, are designed to help you keep track of which skills students in your class have mastered and which ones are still developing — as well...

Free Spelling Analysis Tutorial

In Logic of English curriculum, the most important part of the lessons after learning the phonograms individually is learning to use them to spell and read words. The process we use to teach this is called Spelling Analysis, and it is so helpful that we’ve decided to make our new...

How Much Should We Review After a Break?

This week we received the following question from a customer. She is using Foundations B, but her question applies to Essentials and the rest of Foundations as well. My daughter is in the middle of Foundations book B. Would you be willing to share your thoughts on how much we...

Using Spelling Rule Cards and Memorizing Spelling Rules

Today a customer wrote us to ask about using Spelling Rule Flash Cards and memorizing the spelling rules in Logic of English lessons. She writes: My question has to do with the spelling flashcards for Essentials. I am unclear on how we are to use them; is there somewhere in...

Scheduling Tips for Essentials

One of the changes we made when we updated and expanded Essentials in 2015 is that each lesson is now divided into five parts for ease of scheduling. However, this more structured guidance is still just a starting point for a variety of pacing possibilities, depending on the student and...

Scheduling Ideas for Summer Reading Camps and Short-Term Interventions

Fast-paced schedules for Essentials, designed for those who have a narrow window of opportunity to introduce students to as many of the tools for reading as possible.

Schedules for Slowing Down Essentials

If you are teaching Essentials and interested in slowing down your pace through the lessons, you may want to try one of the following options:

Schedules for Intensive Spelling Remediation with Essentials

An older struggling speller who is already reading fluently may either follow the parts as outlined in the Teacher's Guide to complete one unit per week or use one of the following schedules to move more quickly through Essentials in order to improve in spelling as rapidly as possible:

Schedules for Intensive Reading Remediation with Essentials and The Essentials Reader

Suggested schedules for eight, twelve, or twenty-week reading interventions for older struggling readers. Why do an intensive course? When a student is struggling with reading to the point that it interferes significantly with other areas of school or life, it may be worthwhile to set other things aside for a...

Schedules for Essentials with The Essentials Reader

The following schedules are suggestions for those planning to teach Essentials and The Essentials Reader at a typical school-year pace in upper elementary or middle school.

Tips for Dictation

We recently received an email with some great questions about dictation. Dictation exercises are used in Essentials and in levels C and D of Foundations. Good Morning, I have a just-turned-8 year old on Lesson 109 in Level C of Foundations . I absolutely adore this program and I tell...

High-Frequency Words

Sight Words, Fluency, and Phonics: a Brief Discussion

Does Logic of English help strong readers and spellers?

A common question we receive is with whether Logic of English® curriculum is benefical to students who are strong readers or who are already spelling fairly well. For example, last week we received the following email from Chelsea, a homeschool mom using the 1st edition of Essentials : ...I know...

Do we want Essentials or Foundations?

Last week we received an email from a parent who has been using our Essentials curriculum to teach Logic of English® to her young children. More recently, though, she learned about Foundations. Which, she wonders, is best for her kids?

My kids are still making spelling mistakes!

One day we received an email from Heather, a homeschool mom using Logic of English® Essentials (1st edition) with her six- and eight-year-olds. Though they were using the phonograms and rules successfully in isolation, her children were struggling to apply what they are learning while writing.

New Sample Schedules for Essentials

We're sometimes asked for advice about the best way to pace Logic of English®️ curriculum, and we continue to discuss different ways to do this as we hear from you about your experiences. Most often the questions are about Essentials , since the lessons are long and designed to be...

I can read that! Controlled reader correlations between Foundations and Essentials

Do you have a 6- to 8-year-old in Essentials or a 7- to 9-year-old in Foundations? Are you looking for additional phonogram-controlled texts for reading practice?

What's next after Essentials?

Most teachers and students are excited by the information they have learned in Essentials and are eager to continue to reinforce the concepts as well as to dig deeper. As a result, a common question we receive is "Where do you go once you finish Essentials?"

Using and Organizing LOE Flash Cards

Guest blog post by Lori Archer. Lori is a homeschool parent and former classroom teacher, who uses both Essentials and Foundations. The Logic of English is a brilliant and fun language arts program. LOE effectively and efficiently integrates spelling, grammar, phonics, and writing. And, Logic of English integrates lots of...