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Response to COVID-19: Free resources for at-home learning, conference updates, and more

COVID-19 response from Logic of English

Play On! Tips for Effective Practice with Games

Phonogram mastery grows through repetition - but it doesn’t need to be boring!

Let's GROW Emerging Reading Skills Over the Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to practice reading skills taught during the school year and grow dendrites to strengthen neural pathways.

What should I assign for Logic of English homework in my class?

Teachers using Logic of English in a classroom often wonder what their students should practice at home, especially if parents are not familiar with the phonograms and spelling rules or are used to receiving a list of words to drill or an assigned amount of time that children are required...

Overcoming Visual Challenges: Learning to Read and Write with LOE Foundations

We received the following letter from Adriana Buttafoco in 2013 when she was beta testing our Foundations curriculum.

Blending Game

Supplies Needed: 1 Game board piece per student, scissors Directions: Cut out the game cards. Place them face down in four piles sorted by color. Explain that the student needs to lead the horses to the barn. Place a marker at the beginning of the board. The student draws a...

Phonogram Game - Zoom

This is a fun Phonogram Game for active children. Have the student write the phonograms on index cards. Place the index cards in the crack of a table. Ask the student to read the sound(s) and zoom a car at the phonogram he just read. If he reads the phonogram...

Foundations of Reading

A Foundation to Build Upon: Phonemic Awareness and Systematic Phonics The Problem In many of our nation's schools reading instruction begins with comprehension and fluency instruction. I know of several schools that require all students, even kindergarten students, to read a minimum of 40-60 minutes per day. In order to...

Ideas and Games For Practicing Handwriting

Fun Games and Other Ideas for Practicing Handwriting

Phonemic Awareness Games

Phonemic awareness is foundational to reading and spelling. Here are a few fun phonemic awareness games to try. Simon Says - Say word "unglued" into its sounds and have the students do the action. /s-ĭ-t/, /j-ŭ-m-p/… To increase the challenge have a student be "Simon" and call out the actions...

An Eight-Year-Old's Advice About Reading

My eight-year-old daughter Hannah wrote the following essay for a contest. The contest asked students to provide advice to homeschool moms based upon what their moms did well. I thought educators would find her thoughts on reading and spelling education interesting. It certainly encouraged me! I like home schooling because...