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Connecting uppercase cursive letters

How do I know which uppercase letters to connect?

The amazing School Cursive LOE font

The Logic of English® cursive font , created by David Occhino Design , is a beautiful, powerful piece of design technology. Every letter connects correctly, accurately reflecting the cursive handwriting students are learning in Logic of English® curriculum. It may well be the most advanced cursive handwriting font on the...

Does starting with cursive lead to confusion in reading?

A recent email from a parent voiced a question we hear frequently from customers wondering about starting with cursive . 'I really want to teach my almost 5-year-old cursive first, but I’m worried about confusing him when I’ll be teaching him to read using print-face. I purchased your Foundations curriculum...

Why You Tilt Your Paper When Writing

Why does Logic of English ask students to tilt their paper when they write? Why do we encourage a slant in handwriting? The answer is, "It's natural." Check out this quick video to learn more.

Left-Handed Mom

    A Guest Blog from Mom and LOE user MaryEllen Beattie: As a left-handed mom, it was bringing back bad memories of my school days as I watched my left-handed daughter write. She was struggling to hover over the whiteboard in an attempt to not smear the marker with...

Overcoming Visual Challenges: Learning to Read and Write with LOE Foundations

We received the following letter from Adriana Buttafoco in 2013 when she was beta testing our Foundations curriculum.

Handwriting Practice - Texture Writing

Supplies Needed: One gallon resealable zipper plastic bags and tempera paint. Squeeze paint into the resealable zipper plastic bag. Seal tightly. Read the phonogram sound(s) to the children for them to practice writing the phonogram on the bag. This is also an excellent way to practice the handwriting strokes.

LOE Cursive and Manuscript Fonts

Logic of English Handwriting Fonts for Cursive and Manuscript Logic of English has developed a style of handwriting that is developmentally appropriate for young students and to aid students who struggle with handwriting, and we have had a custom font developed to match our requirements. Each letter is designed to...

The Logic of English Handwriting Style

In developing Logic of English curriculum we knew that models for handwriting would be important for struggling students. Since we are convinced that cursive is the best way to teach handwriting we began our search for a cursive font to use in our program.

Tips for Teaching Handwriting

Tip 1: Teach Lowercase Letters First Lowercase letters comprise more than 90% of all that we read and write. Uppercase or capital letters are only used at the beginning of sentences and with proper nouns. Teaching lowercase letters first provides students with the most vital information they need to be...

Suggested Schedules for Teaching Handwriting

Students Six and Under The students six and under may learn one new phonogram per day. The first 26-30 lessons should be dedicated to learning the A-Z phonograms. Each lesson should include: introduction to a new phonogram, practice hearing the sounds and recognizing the correct phonogram, practice reading the phonograms,...

Ideas and Games For Practicing Handwriting

Fun Games and Other Ideas for Practicing Handwriting

Why Teach Cursive First

Beginning with Cursive As a culture we have been mistakenly led to believe that manuscript is easier for students to learn than cursive. By reserving cursive for third grade we have given a whole generation the false impression that cursive is the “adult” form of handwriting and printing is simpler....

The Relationship Between Handwriting and Reading

New studies have linked handwriting with stronger letter recognition and reading development. Since the advent of the computer, people have been arguing that handwriting should play a less central role in education since most communication will occur through keyboarding. This argument though is not supported by recent studies by Associate...

The End of Cursive?

I know I am fighting an uphill battle when I tell teachers and parents to teach cursive first. A recent article in ABC news states that 41 states have adopted standards which do not require cursive. This is contrary, though, to what we know about the importance of teaching handwriting....

Beginning With Cursive Handwriting

At Pedia Learning we strongly recommend beginning with cursive. Cursive has six primary advantages over print: It is less fine-motor skill intensive. All the lowercase letters begin in one place, on the baseline. Spacing within and between words is controlled. By lifting the pencil between words, the beginning and ending...

An Eight-Year-Old's Advice About Reading

My eight-year-old daughter Hannah wrote the following essay for a contest. The contest asked students to provide advice to homeschool moms based upon what their moms did well. I thought educators would find her thoughts on reading and spelling education interesting. It certainly encouraged me! I like home schooling because...