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Do we want Essentials or Foundations?

Last week we received an email from a parent who has been using our Essentials curriculum to teach Logic of English® to her young children. More recently, though, she learned about Foundations. Which, she wonders, is best for her kids?

Adjusting the Pace of Foundations Lessons

We recently received the following question from a parent using Logic of English® Foundations with her son.

Left-Handed Mom

    A Guest Blog from Mom and LOE user MaryEllen Beattie: As a left-handed mom, it was bringing back bad memories of my school days as I watched my left-handed daughter write. She was struggling to hover over the whiteboard in an attempt to not smear the marker with...

Using and Organizing LOE Flash Cards

Guest blog post by Lori Archer. Lori is a homeschool parent and former classroom teacher, who uses both Essentials and Foundations. The Logic of English is a brilliant and fun language arts program. LOE effectively and efficiently integrates spelling, grammar, phonics, and writing. And, Logic of English integrates lots of...

Overcoming Visual Challenges: Learning to Read and Write with LOE Foundations

We received the following letter from Adriana Buttafoco in 2013 when she was beta testing our Foundations curriculum.

Engaging My Wild Child through Logic of English Foundations

Guest post by Heather Aliano My middle child has a favorite book. We sit and read Where the Wild Things Are more often than I can count. He squeals with joy when the wild rumpus starts, and he stops around the room, growling his terrible growls and gnashing his terrible...

How to Help Wiggly Kids Love Reading

A beta tester for Logic of English Foundations posted an amazing review on her blog, Only Passionate Curiosity , about her active 4.5 year old son who loves reading.

Help! My Child Can't Read

You are not alone. Two-thirds of U.S. students read below grade level and between 25% and 30% are functionally illiterate.

Handwriting Practice - Texture Writing

Supplies Needed: One gallon resealable zipper plastic bags and tempera paint. Squeeze paint into the resealable zipper plastic bag. Seal tightly. Read the phonogram sound(s) to the children for them to practice writing the phonogram on the bag. This is also an excellent way to practice the handwriting strokes.

Tips for Helping Students with Dyslexia

Preventing Visual Confusion Reading has a component of muscle memory. The eyes are muscles which must learn to track together in the direction of reading and writing. In the case of English, the direction is from left to right, top to bottom. Children vary in their eye-muscle development, and the...

Tips for Teaching English Words with the Schwa Sound

The schwa sound is the sound a vowel makes in an unaccented syllable. The schwa sound is a vital part of the rhythm of English pronunciation and is heard in most multi-syllable words and in a few one-syllable words that do not receive the accent in the sentence. There are...

Tips for Teaching Handwriting

Tip 1: Teach Lowercase Letters First Lowercase letters comprise more than 90% of all that we read and write. Uppercase or capital letters are only used at the beginning of sentences and with proper nouns. Teaching lowercase letters first provides students with the most vital information they need to be...

Tips to Help Struggling Readers and Spellers

Cover pictures. Many young students struggle with the left-to-right eye movement of reading. Allow students to look at the pictures, then cover them with a blank sheet of paper while reading. Covering pictures makes it easier to focus on text. Practice blending words together aloud. Many students guess wildly while...

An Eight-Year-Old's Advice About Reading

My eight-year-old daughter Hannah wrote the following essay for a contest. The contest asked students to provide advice to homeschool moms based upon what their moms did well. I thought educators would find her thoughts on reading and spelling education interesting. It certainly encouraged me! I like home schooling because...