Multi-sensory instruction

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Let's GROW Emerging Reading Skills Over the Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to practice reading skills taught during the school year and grow dendrites to strengthen neural pathways.

Overcoming Visual Challenges: Learning to Read and Write with LOE Foundations

We received the following letter from Adriana Buttafoco in 2013 when she was beta testing our Foundations curriculum.

Engaging My Wild Child through Logic of English Foundations

Guest post by Heather Aliano My middle child has a favorite book. We sit and read Where the Wild Things Are more often than I can count. He squeals with joy when the wild rumpus starts, and he stops around the room, growling his terrible growls and gnashing his terrible...

How to Help Wiggly Kids Love Reading

A beta tester for Logic of English Foundations posted an amazing review on her blog, Only Passionate Curiosity , about her active 4.5 year old son who loves reading.

Ideas and Games For Practicing Handwriting

Fun Games and Other Ideas for Practicing Handwriting

Shame and Vowels: The Story of a Struggling Reader

Vowel sounds highlight the concept of phonemic awareness and the ability to both glue words back together and break them into their individual sounds. Recently, I had this driven home to me when I was working with a sixth grader whom I tutor. This student has been in the public...

The Gift of Struggling Students

As a teacher, the greatest gift I have been given is students who do not think like me. The students who are most different from me have taught me the most. They have stretched me to look from new perspectives, to see the world from new angles and by doing...