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What is a Consonant?

Part Two in this week's Vowels, Consonants, and Syllables series!

A Mother’s Journey: Struggling Readers and the Science of Reading

Denise Eide's story of teaching her boys to read

Let's GROW Emerging Reading Skills Over the Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to practice reading skills taught during the school year and grow dendrites to strengthen neural pathways.

My Favorite Reasons To Use Foundations

A teacher who uses Essentials wanted to introduce our Foundations curriculum to his colleagues in K-2. He asked us if we would share our favorite reasons to use Foundations. Here are mine!

Help! My Child Can't Read

You are not alone. Two-thirds of U.S. students read below grade level and between 25% and 30% are functionally illiterate.

Spell Check Is Not The Solution

One of my favorite questions to ask audiences is, "Raise your hand if you have ever abandoned the perfect word while typing because spell check didn't recognize your attempts." What I have discovered is that more than 90% of the American public has had this frustrating experience. Yet across the...

Level One Readers - Why are They So Difficult to Read?

Two weeks ago, I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased thirty early readers. I wanted to analyze the phonograms and spelling rules found in books that parents and teachers ask young students to read. What I found amazed me. Seemingly simple books in English, are not so simple on...

Foundations of Reading

A Foundation to Build Upon: Phonemic Awareness and Systematic Phonics The Problem In many of our nation's schools reading instruction begins with comprehension and fluency instruction. I know of several schools that require all students, even kindergarten students, to read a minimum of 40-60 minutes per day. In order to...

A Child's View of the Logic of English

This story was sent to me by someone who began teaching her elementary-aged daughters the spelling rules as found in Uncovering the Logic of English. Wow! How exciting to watch the CLICK CLICK CLICK in each of my kids brains!! They're off school today and we spent over an hour...

The Kill and Drill of Sight Words

As the school year commences, students will again bring home lists of sight words to drill. Most schools identify the words based upon the Dolch List, which includes 220 high-frequency words. It is widely believed that drilling these words by sight will enable students to recognize the words "instantaneously" and...

Addressing Cynical Students

Providing Real Help to Struggling Readers Many parents and teachers feel discouraged when their enthusiasm for the Logic of English is not met with equal enthusiasm by their struggling reader or speller. As the student's parent or teacher, you see the advantage of teaching spelling rules and phonograms and may...