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Word Callers - How To Stop the Guessing

I have students who read really well, but do not comprehend anything! I have heard this statement from teachers across the country... and in fact, I used to be one of these teachers.

Let's GROW Emerging Reading Skills Over the Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to practice reading skills taught during the school year and grow dendrites to strengthen neural pathways.

New readers for Foundations B - the Young Artist Series!

We're excited to announce the Young Artist Series , a new collection of readers for Foundations B — featuring wonderful illustrations by young artists in our community!

In Honor Of National Chocolate Day - A Free Lesson From The Essentials Reader!

This Saturday, October 28, is National Chocolate Day! In honor of this sweet occasion, we would like to share a special treat with you: a free PDF copy of Lesson 17: The Story of Chocolate from The Essentials Reader.

Foundations of Reading

A Foundation to Build Upon: Phonemic Awareness and Systematic Phonics The Problem In many of our nation's schools reading instruction begins with comprehension and fluency instruction. I know of several schools that require all students, even kindergarten students, to read a minimum of 40-60 minutes per day. In order to...

Isn't Reading Comprehension the Point? Why Teach Phonics?

People often ask me, if their student learns the phonograms and rules, will they be able to comprehend what they read? Honestly, maybe. But, if they do not learn how to decode, they will likely struggle to read what they are trying to comprehend. In other words, reading words is...

Logical English and Our Future Scientists and Engineers

I love hearing from people who have read Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Solution to America's Literacy Crisis.  This weekend, a 70 year old man approached me. He explained he had a successful career as an engineer, solving complex problems using math, science, and computer programming. With tears...