The phonogram CH and TCH

Someone called today asking if there was a rule to govern the spelling of the sound /ch/ after a single short vowel at the end of the word. She pointed out it can be spelled with a CH or a TCH.

Logic of English already has a list of the thirty-five words that end in TCH.

However, I decided to look up how many words use the phonogram CH after a short vowel at the end of a base word instead.

The great news is that there are only six.


If it is not one of these six, if you hear a short vowel followed by a /ch/ sound at the end of a base word, it will be spelled TCH.

These are great words to add to a Spelling Journal.

For your reference, here are the base words that end in TCH:

  1. batch
  2. botch
  3. butch
  4. catch
  5. clutch
  6. dispatch
  7. ditch
  8. Dutch
  9. etch
  10. fetch
  11. fetch
  12. glitch
  13. hatch
  14. hitch
  15. hutch
  16. itch
  17. latch
  18. match
  19. notch
  20. patch
  21. pitch
  22. retch
  23. Sasquatch
  24. Scotch
  25. scratch
  26. sketch
  27. snatch
  28. snitch
  29. splotch
  30. stitch
  31. swatch
  32. switch
  33. twitch
  34. watch
  35. witch
  36. wretch