Updated Knitting Knights page - the phonogram ES!

Knitting Knights now includes our new phonogram ES! You can view the new page here if you're using an older edition of the book.

This year, Logic of English began teaching the suffix ES as a basic phonogram that says /ĕz-z/. While students learned to read this suffix in the curriculum before, it wasn't presented as a phonogram. (Learn more about this change here: Introducing the Phonogram ES.)

We are now incorporating instruction about this phonogram into our existing materials as we reprint them. We released a new edition of Knitting Knights in August of 2018 that includes this phonogram. The phonogram ES is also incorporated into Foundations in the 2nd edition of the Foundations C Teacher's Manual, released in May of 2018.

Using an earlier printing of Knitting Knights? You can download the new ES page here!

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