Using and Organizing LOE Flash Cards

Guest blog post by Lori Archer. Lori is a homeschool parent and former classroom teacher, who uses both Essentials and Foundations.

The Logic of English is a brilliant and fun language arts program. LOE effectively and efficiently integrates spelling, grammar, phonics, and writing. And, Logic of English integrates lots of cards (LOTS of cards!): phonogram cards, spelling rule cards, game cards, and this is if you are just doing Essentials. Add in Foundations and you add in more cards. The cards are what make practice and reinforcement engaging for the children, but they can prove to be an organizational dilemma for the instructor.

Each set of flash cards and each set of game cards must be kept in two piles: the pile of currently-in-use cards, and the pile of future-use cards. If you do not keep the piles separate, you will constantly be frustrated and lessons will take much longer. This one step of organization will save you time and frustration! I stumbled across these little clear plastic index card packets at an office supply store. They have held up well, are easy to open and close, and are the absolute perfect size for LOE cards. The packets come in a variety of colors, but all are translucent enough to see through to the contents.

I chose to use green packets for my currently-in-use cards. Green means "GO" to me, so those are my go-to cards. I have three green envelopes: one for phonogram cards, one for spelling rule cards, and one for game cards. If I was using the grammar flash cards I would need a fourth envelope for them also.

I then used my other envelope colors to store the future-use cards. So I have three other colors for the future-use phonogram cards, future-use spelling rule cards, and one for the future-use game cards. I also store the game-specific cards (rotton egg, dragon, etc) cards in this envelope. Again, if I were using the grammar flash cards I would need a fourth envelope for those.

So all together I have six envelopes. I would need eight if I were using the grammar cards. They all store nicely in my shoe box along with my sandpaper letters we use for Foundations.

If you are a homeschooler, your next question will be, "How do you keep straight which cards you are using with Essentials and which you are using with Foundations?" The answer is, "I have no idea." I have come to realize that I really need to invest in a separate set of phonogram cards and game cards for my Foundations child. (along with some more clear plastic index card packets!!).

You should be able to find the packets with the index cards in an office supply store. You could also do the same system with plastic sandwich bags--perhaps with a piece of tape or sticker on the outside of the bag to indicate what is inside.