Young Artist Series Reader 2 - Ben Has a Fright

The next reader in our Young Artist Series, a new collection of readers for Foundations B, is now available and you can get it for free August 3rd-6th!

The second book in the Young Artist Series, Ben Has a Fright, has a young co-author as well as a young illustrator! It was written by Kimber and Amani Iverson and was illustrated by Anna Carlson.

Young children will enjoy trying out the new phonograms and rules they are learning in Foundations B as they read about Ben and about his little sister's attempts to frighten him.

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About the illustrator: Anna Carlson!

Anna Carlson is a home-schooled freshman. She lives in Minnesota with her parents and seven brothers and sisters. Anna enjoys drawing, painting, running, singing, playing piano, and reading.

Artist Jill Pearson, who worked with Anna and the other student artists in creating their illustrations, writes: "Anna has a great eye for detail and used opaque watercolor to color her illustrations. She enjoyed the process of watching what was in her head come to life on the paper and add a new dimension to the story."

Take a look for yourself. We think you'll enjoy Anna's work in "Ben Has a Fright!

About the authors: Amani and Kimber Iverson!

Amani Iverson has grown up in Minnesota, Sudan, and Ethiopia. She has always loved reading, writing, drawing, and nature.

Amani wrote this story with her mom when she was twelve and enjoyed the challenge of creating a storyline out of a very limited choice of words. She got the idea for it after watching her little sister stomp around on "monster feet" stilts, sometimes to the annoyance of their brother.

Kimber Iverson has taught English learners of all ages in six countries around the world. She currently teaches struggling readers at an international school in Ethiopia, where she lives with her husband and three children.

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