Young Artist Series Reader 3 - The Sail Box

Another reader in our Young Artist Series, a new collection of readers for Foundations B, is now available — and you can get it for free September 25-27!

The third book in the Young Artist Series, The Sail Box, was illustrated by Savannah Parkinson.

Young children will enjoy practicing new phonograms and rules they have been learning in Foundations B as they read about Fern and the adventures she dreams up. With an active imagination, she can journey far away with the box and stick that are, for her, a sea-going sailboat!

The Sail Box is also a perfect step up from the previous story in this series, Ben Has a Fright, for emerging readers. The text is slightly longer, and students read words that use five new phonograms they have learned in Lessons 51-55 while continuing to practice reading many phonograms they learned earlier in Foundations.

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About the illustrator:
Savannah Parkinson!

Savannah Parkinson is a high school senior. She loves to draw, sing, and work out, and has a passion for playing volleyball.

From a very young age Savannah has enjoyed drawing. To improve her artistic ability Savannah checked out library books, watched instructive YouTube® videos, and spent many hours practicing. She is so thankful for the opportunity to illustrate for Logic of English.

Check out The Sail Box with your students! We think you'll enjoy this imaginative story and Savannah's beautiful illustrations.

Other books in the Young Artist Series

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