Young Artist Series Reader 4 - Kate Needs a Drink

Another reader in our Young Artist Series, a new collection of readers for Foundations B, is now available — and you can get it for free October 2-4!

The fourth book in the Young Artist Series, Kate Needs a Drink, was illustrated by Belle Alderman.

Young children will enjoy practicing the phonograms and rules they are learning in Foundations B as they read about Kate and her adventures in the dark in search of a drink of water!

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About the illustrator: Belle Alderman!

Isabelle Alderman is twelve years old. Her favorite mediums to work with are pencil and watercolor. Isabelle's other interests include basketball, volleyball, reading, writing, and being outside. Home schooled, she lives with her three younger brothers, one younger sister, and parents.

Artist Jill Pearson, who worked with Belle and the other student artists in creating their illustrations, writes: "Isabelle had a challenging story because she had to portray night time! She went back and forth with the LOE team trying to get the look just right with her characters and colored pencils. She never gave up and really kicked it into gear at the end of the process to finish! Her character is based on her sister, Evie."

Take a look for yourself. We think you'll enjoy Belle's work in "Kate Needs a Drink"!

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